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Hi there, I'm Michelle, Adelaide based wedding photographer,  lover of texture, light and unguarded moments.

I see photography as the art of immersing into one's life and capturing a collection that doesn’t only exhibit but evocatively tells.

There's a priceless truth on your day, sometimes bursting, sometimes hiding. Between those moments of excitement, awe, wait, finality, bliss and tears, there I wanna be, capturing every moment as you live it..

10 Things About Me

  1. My name is Michelle lover of light, stories and unguarded moments. 

  2. I was born and raised in the Southern Region of  Philippines, home to cacao and coffee farms, sugar canes and rum. I approach things the tropical way, chilled, relaxed and fun. I basically don't wait for a weekend to open a beer or drink a glass of wine, I can have it any hour of the day ! 

  3. I am married to a supportive husband and we are blessed with a cute little toddler who is our greatest inspiration. We also have two cats named Charlie the extrovert and Cookie the introvert.

  4. My passion for human connection and illuminating them in photographs led my journey to wedding photography.

  5. I capture from the vantage point of knowing that moments are fleeting and that the loudest of love are sometimes unspoken, the rarest and strongest of them are hiding between awkward moments.

  6. My greatest core value that I bring to my wedding photography is empathy. It is the understanding of the emotions and stories that have culminated on your wedding day.  There is no emotional rehearsal for your wedding day and to capture these vulnerable moments in all its rawness is for me the greatest honour.

  7. Not only do I empathise with emotion but also with environment.My artistic style is warm but my dedication for storytelling never  neglects to capture the uniqueness of your chosen day, the weather and the season that you chose to tie the knot, whether it's in an overcast winter (which I'm a lover of) or somewhere in the lovely hues of summer. 

  8. We are wired for stories and connection, not only do I capture your joy  but also the family and friends you chose to celebrate this wonderful day with you. I naturally immerse into your day and it's only in this way that I get to capture the soul and spirit of your day.

  9. When not photographing weddings, I do jewellery photography  for a high end Adelaide premier jeweller Gerard McCabe.​

  10. There is a beautiful ancient saying from the Asaro tribe in Papua New Guinea “Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.” Photography is my ultimate act of integration. It is how I fold my experiences into my being. It is a powerful mechanism that allows life learnings to move from our mind to our heart to our hand.

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