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Meet Your Photographer

Congratulations on getting married!

Finally our worlds met!

Out of a hundred images and photographers you’ve seen, you landed here and that meant something! 

We both gravitated to the same vibe that evokes story, connection and light.

My name is Michelle. An Adelaide-based wedding photographer who was born and raised in the Philippines. The home of cacao and coffee farms, sugar canes and rum. I approach things with the calmness of tropical sunset- chilled, soulful, memorable.

I grew up taking photos with my 90s Kodak film and seeing beauty in the most mundane became my second nature. 

My passion for human connection led my journey to wedding photography. I have discovered the power of empathy to immerse into one life and feel the moments from which one sees it. This made me devote myself to capturing candid moments in artful, soulful and timeless photographs.



Being invited into your story is a true gift but to photograph it is such an honour.

There is nothing as special as wedding days. No other feelings that have ever existed in your life could be larger than this. You get to plan your dream wedding but you will never get to rehearse how you should feel. And this is what I’m here for. I capture every moment without asking you to pose because it’s not a day to role play but to take joy at its purest, in all possible forms — laughter, tears, dances and stolen kisses.

For over a decade of being a photographer, I’ve learned that a great camera won’t capture the magic alone.

It is the ability to empathise with emotion, texture and light that gathers the years of expertise, high-end camera, uncontainable joy and truly a once-in-a-lifetime vulnerable moment into timeless photographs.

I would love to get to know you too!
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