• Michelle Kenney

Love and Art Nouveau

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Martin and Josslyn are two soulmates, born of same passion and zeal for life, love and art. They're both visual artists and dreamt of a wedding that will accentuate their love for film noir whilst capturing the architectural art nouvea of the Playford where they've first met.

The curving balconies, vine-etched facades and deep, striking colour schemes reflect both the continually evolving Art Nouveau architecture of the Playford and the cople's gracefully flowing love.

"Michelle was our photographer for our wedding. When we met we were so impressed with her warm, friendly and professional approach. It was so nice to have an artist on the same page as we were and also open to our ideas. She capture exactly what we discussed and delivered lovely unique romantic photos. She created the film noir lighting we wanted to exentuate the aesthetics of the building. We all felt very comfortable having our photograph taken as Michelle encouraged us with her calm and friendly manner. Thank you Michelle. "

- Josslyn and Martin

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Adelaide, South Australia

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