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“You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”

― Ansel Adams




My love for photography was born in my mama’s garden. Enticed by the beautiful textures and colours of bougainvilleas, I was desperate to capture what my  9 year old eyes saw. From then on seeing beauty in the most mundane became second nature.


A vintage Kodak camera was my first best friend. It was during the fun 90s when I can't wait to develop a 36 film shot, treasure and make scrapbooks of successful photographs, get heartbroken of over-exposed shots.


A decade later, the luxury of digital advantage came and I was in the game but my favourites remained- the love for natural and ambient light to tell the candid moments of the day.


My love for telling stories from the most mundane to the most significant moments coupled with the passion for capturing unguarded moments is a gift I want to share with you.




Photography is an honour.

It is a huge responsibility to document one’s occasion.
It is not simply taking photos, it is the art of b
eing in every moment.


I value photography as the art of immersing into one's life and capturing a collection that doesn’t only exhibit but evocatively tells.


I dive into capturing layers of gladness, joy, finality, awe, beginnings, rawness, passion and love without neglecting the important details of your unique day.


I  believe that a great camera alone won’t capture the magic. It is the ability to empathise with emotion, texture and light that gathers the years of expertise, high-end camera, uncontainable joy and once-in-a-lifetime moments into a single frame. It is with this attitude that I click away. Passion brings us the right angle, empathy brings out the soul.


Once you give me the honour to photograph your day, you won’t only be having the service of my time and camera, you will be having all my heart as I immerse into the rarity of your most special day.


I will capture every moment as you live each.





MY approach is a blend of how you wish to document the signature moments of your first new family portraits and how I constantly watch and wait for the natural and candid moments to record the spirit of your special day.


It doesn’t happen impromptu, weeks and days before your occasion we stay in touch with you through hoops of excitements and questions. Communication allows effective immersion of how this day means to you.


Remember that the perfect day begins with you; your originality, taste, and style inspire everything we do. We will be illustrating your love story, or any special event through our lens, providing you with a collection of images that look and feel as authentic as your love and values.


Feel free to get in touch to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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